what could he say

"Hullo." Alfie knew it was Newt on his cell. He just wasn't sure what to tell him.

"Have you done something to my child?"

"No, of course, not." Alfie told him. "He isn't sick, is he?" Could Amy have made him sick?

"He won't take his bottle. He hasn't been this fussy in ages." He could hear Liam crying.

"Sorry." Alfie bit his bottom lip. "We might have a problem."

"Problem? What have you done?"

"Nothing." Which was true. "I don't know how to tell you this, but, but Amy- Amy may have had a break through of some sort with Liam."

"What are you trying to tell me?" Newt's voice was a bit harsh and hurting Alfie's ear as he pushed the cell away and winced. "Could you come over to Ian's. Amy's there. I think she needs Liam just as much as he needs her. Sorry. Really, I'm sorry about this."

"Sorry for what?" Newt wanted to know.

"Just don't hate me, promise me." Alfie flinched.

"I won't hate you. What had you done?" Newt wanted to know.

"Just come over," Alfie said. "The sooner the better." Alfie sighed then as he got off his cell.

Sebastian and the notebook


Anonymous said...

Oh uh oh:( I wonder what he did, if he did anything.

maxxie n tony said...

I'm sure Alfie thinks its all his fault for letting Amy breast feed Laim. Really, things have changed in all the strangest ways now.

what we needed said...

I hope Alfie will do the right thing.

jonah and leon said...

I feel bad for Newt because he doesn't know Amy is breast feeding Liam. Who would have thunk it?

TC fan fic said...

Alfie will be there for Newt. I know he will.

sarah and lucy said...

I hope he gets this straigtened out with his brother and Amy.

e.l. said...

I don't want Newt to get hurt.

Winnie said...

Oh I'm intrigued to find out what happened!

Cait said...

Oh. I hope they can get this amy & liam thing sorted out.

Meg said...

Oh no! This is going to be awkward!

Jared said...

Oh god. I hope nothing to bad happens between them. Be interesting and probably very awkward.