with a little luck

"So are you ready to take the plunge?" Simon asked first thing when he met up with Maxie at the Black Cat for a drink.

"Of course." He smiled as if everything was falling into place.

"No second thoughts?" Simon studied Maxie's tender face to see if he might have doubts.

"Nope. Its gonna happen." Maxie drank at his ale.

"I'm sure Katy is very happy." Simon gave him a pat on the back.

"And to have Franny and Cecil along for the ride, priceless." Maxie nodded.

"Really?" Simon chuckled. "Weddings can be pricey."

"Well, yeah, but Jamie found us some really good deals and Colin is catering so it can't go wrong. It'll be a party. And you and Josh will be there?"

"Naturally," Simon said drinking his lager. "Have you told Ian the news?"

"Um, no." Maxie squinted grabbing a roasted peanut then and breaking it in half. He ate the nuts.

"Don't you want him to know?" Simon was concerned.

"He'll find out soon enough. He's busy, you know." Maxie glared at him then.

"He'll come home to this, is that it. Don't you care anymore about Ian?"

"Simon," Maxie said. "What is it you want from me? First you say, I have to let him go. Well, I have. I don't want him thinking its not over when it is, now do I?"

Simon nursed his lager then. He supposed he shouldn't start something that wasn't even there, but a part of him wanted to let Ian know the news.

Sasha & Franny


ellie said...

Simon can be a little hard on Maxie...at times.

cait said...

I wonder what Simon would think if he knew what was going on with Maxie & Jamie.

fan fic said...

love Simon n maxie

Anonymous said...

Simon and Maxie always leave me wondering.

aiLee920 said...

thanks for leaving a compliment on my site....