yours, mine and ours

Ian was on the phone with Alfie. Of course, Shou was doing his best to get him off the phone. They had their own room too, and of course Shou wanted to use it to its fullest. He kept breathing in his other ear. Ian could hardly keep a straight face.

"So she's moved in?" Ian did his best to act interested. "You two have worked it out? Liam is there too?" He couldn't believe it. Unbelievable. "How's Newt taking it?" He listened a bit longer to Alfie talk about Newt not being so happy, but he hadn't forbidden Liam staying with them, either.

Shou kissed Ian as soon as he got off the phone.

"Was it bad news?" Shou stared at Ian so intently.

"Sort of," Ian shrugged. "I might not have a home to go home too."

"That's OK, " Shou grinned. "You can stay with me."

"Right," Ian smiled wondering how long that would last. He thought of Newt then. How he'd been so devoted to this little baby of his and now the baby was suddenly back with his mother. Why couldn't things last?

"What? You don't believe me? Is that it?" Shou pulled his face toward his.

"Well, where would we go? I mean, I have Fletch and Lauren to think about." Ian told him. "And I still have my job which I hope is still there. I mean, I'm not banking on making a living on this quite like you. You know."

"We could go back to Hollyoaks? Yes? No?" Shou's mysterious eyes peered at him for an answer.
"Just like that?" Ian had never had anyone just waiting for him like this to decide anything.

"We could get a place. We could. I'll find us a place." He went right to his laptop then. It was never too far from him. He clicked into a few places available.

Ian looked a bit shocked because he really didn't know of any places available in Hollyoaks. It was quite tight about.

"Here's one next door to that boarding place you spoke of." Shou pointed with the curser. He stared for it a bit.

"Didn't know it was for sale." It wasn't quite the big bulky place the Oaks was, but rather old Victorian with a wrap around porch.

"Its a bit of a fixer upper, I see, that's what makes the price sweet. Perhaps things are going down hill in the neighborhood." Shou looked to Ian.

"Yeah, the young folks like us." Ian laughed.

"I think I'll buy it." Shou grinned.

"Don't you want to see it first?"

"Nope." He smiled. "Its big enough for all of us."

"All of us?" Ian winced a little baffled.

Sebastian meets Randy


ellie said...

I want to see more of Shou I'm glad he's staying around.

Escapist said...

Oh tats fun ! wen my frndz are on fone we make such faces tat they forget wat they talkng about...


blue hearts said...

that shou just might be what ian needs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I wrote that one scene in drifting by last night wondering what songs to put in. I needed some that the two could bond through, something light but not too known. Nothing they play on the radio a lot.

Anonymous said...

Oh I almost forgot to actually comment haha. I wonder who all of us is.