back to the future

They had no luck finding Laleh. Lauren tried her best not to let it get to her. Some young woman at the Sorority house had said she'd move on. She didn't live there anymore.

She had moved on. Lauren supposed she had to, too.

"He surprised me," Lauren showed off her engagement ring to Shou and Ian. They'd done plenty to the house. Even painted their room a rich red. It was exciting. It felt like the beginning of something. Lauren was happy she and Fletch had came back to Hollyoaks.

"Is it really to your like'n," Ian asked.

Naturally, Fletch bounced on the bed first thing. "Perfect." He rested his hands behind his head. "I love it."

"I do too." Lauren felt more mature somehow. It was there's. They were a real couple now. She wasn't a little girl, anymore. "I can't believe you two are making such a go of this place.

"We'll have our own parties in the basement," Shou smiled. "When we feel like it. Its not like we'll get ourselves ran out of the village or anything, but someting interprizine. Just the same.'

"Interesting." Lauren smirked. What ever did he mean?

"He wants to help Cecil too. We'll do shows at the Black Cat. Maybe even bring in more bands." Ian told her. "He put in a sound room. The equipments set up. We can make our own CDs here."

"Fantastic!" Fletch smiled.

Lauren was glad they came back. She was glad Laleh was living her own life. Somewhere instead of here.


e.l. said...

I'm glad Fletch and Lauren are back..to bad about not find Laleh.

cass and cady said...

I hope she will put Laleh behind her for good now.

Cait said...

I'm glad they are back. cool about the house.

Anonymous said...

That would be cool to make cds there.