bad dreams

"But I like fuck'n strangers."

Colin awoke suddenly. He thought he heard Kelsy say this, but he looked to see her out completely, all dreamy next to him.

He scowled then thinking it was just a bad dream but her words were on the tip of his tongue. He had to see if Simon was in bed. He was. Reading a book with his fat black glasses on.

"What are you doing up?" Simon looked at him.


"Is she-" Simon almost stirred.

"No, she's asleep." Colin wiped the sleep from his eyes and sat down the edge of the bed. He was in his sleep pants. Simon too. "Something woke me up. Dunno why." He sighed. "Do you think they'll find Katy?"

"Hard to say. I hope."

"What if she's lost at sea?" He was still emotional about her after all this time. Someone she'd wanted so much just to think of her not here.

"What do you mean, like pirates?" Simon looked at him.

Colin almost smiled as if she was on some Pirates of the Carribean tour.

"So you're going, going to see about Maxie?"

"Yeah." Simon nodded. "You've got the the baby thing covered with Kelsy, best let you see to that. I'm not that significant."

"Yes, you are." Colin told him. "Don't you forget that." He winced. Simon was family. He considered him as much.

"Fine." Simon sighed.

"I don't want to take anything from you," Colin shook his head. "I know how it is. I've seen it with my own eyes finding Tristan."

"All right," Simon smiled.

"But I want you to see Maxie. He needs you."

"I'm not in love with him." Simon wanted him to know.

"I know that, but you're a good mate and you do love him. You do. He must be at his wits end." Colin got up. Maybe he'd sleep yet. "I'll try to hold down the fort with Kelsy, but you know how it is. It would take the two of us to see to her."

"Only if she feels like it." Simon grinned. He went back to his book then.

Colin walked away still with a cold lump in his chest. He hoped someone was there for Katy soon.


cass and cady said...

That was an odd first line. I'm glad Colin and Simon can be friends.

aiLee920 said...

thank you so much for your warm birthday greeting. May God bless you and your family.

enJAYneer said...

hey there.. just droppin by...