coming home

"So what do you think?" Kelsy asked Simon as she showed him his new room. "Is it comfy for you?"

"Extremely so." He did like the thick firm mattress. It was a good sized bed too. A queen. And everything was so nuteral. Just the way he liked it. Rustic headboard. So much space for books and a huge closet for all his things. Yes, it would be home here.

"Fantastic." She smiled so happily. She'd even left him a gift basket, assorted fruit, a leather bound journal, pens and books of poetry from the classics.

"Its nice of you that you'd let me be here during this time," he sighed.

"Well, you shouldn't have to be worrying about Josh's childish ways. You deserve someone so much better, Simon." She told him as she lead him through the kitchen and where the nursery would be.

"I dunno." Simon shook his head. He still loved him. He did. He couldn't help himself. He'd been the only one. Now Josh was being dreadful. He was so angry when Simon brought up this idea of Kelsy's. He knew he had to do it now. Had too.

"Give it time, will you?" Kelsey stared at him intently. He supposed he'd have too. Time was all he had at the moment.


e.l. said...

I love Kelsy.

cait said...

Simon and Kelsy's sooo interesting.

Anonymous said...

I think I would like that room.

elliestories said...

Hope he knows what he's in for.