falling out

Josh laid still thinking back about Simon and that moment it happened. When he hit him. He hadn't been that drunk. Had he?

So why was Simon like that when he was around Jeremy? Afterall, Jeremy was his boss. What was he thinking would happen? OK, so he'd found himself in bed with Jeremy over New Years. But that was a while ago. In fact. And it wasn't anything near this thing with Simon and Kelsey. He hadn't had sex with him. True, they'd been intimate.

And he knew Jeremy was at loss at the moment with Jamie and Zoey too. It wasn't that he wanted to get mixed up in that. It wasn't. They were mates. Good mates. And Jeremy needed one of those at the moment. God, why did Simon have to be such an ass about it. Really, was this what love was all about? Making sure you minded your manners. Was that it? He wasn't a little boy, now was he?

His head was thick with a headache now. His fist hurt a bit too. He'd smacked Simon. And it felt as if he'd broken down a wall of some kind. He'd really shown him how he felt about being mothered this way. He didn't want a mother. He wanted a boyfriend. And it ached in his gut now that maybe things weren't as perfect as they seemed with Simon. Perhaps he'd fallen out of love. Just like that. Could that be possible?

Franny & Cecil


Anonymous said...

Uh oh.

past the point said...

I hate to see them break up.

cass and cady said...

Oh so sad. say it ain't so.