a gathering as such

Ian was so happy he could have a few over for dinner at their new place.

Shou made crepes. It was quite an art-form to watch, in fact. He made them so thin and with such precision. He could eat them just as beautifully.

"Is there anything you can't do, Shou?" Simon teased. "I'm impressed. Really, brilliant, what you've done." He was crazy about the kitchen. He loved the flooring. Naturally, he took a tour of the place with Kelsy along the way. Ian was still a bit shocked.

"You really moved in with them?" Ian couldn't get over it. "How did that happen?"

"What do you think?" Did Kelsy have to remind him that he was there when the fight happened with Josh. Ian hushed up then.

"Really, this'll be great for the baby." Shou nodded.

Ian listened to Kelsy talk about a few lullabies she'd written.

"Lullabies?" Ian shook his head. What was happening to the world? A rocker like Kelsy into children's music now.

"Well, I do teach the kiddies, you know." She had to remind them. Shou slightly laughed at that.

"I'd love to see your work, some time." He slyly smiled.

"You have to take it so seriously." She told them.

"Indeed." He nodded and Ian gave him a nudge. He didn't want Shou to get into music with her. The night might never end.


ellie said...

shou sounds so creative!

maxxie n tony said...

Ian & Shou seem to be getting it together...ya know.

sid and violet said...

A welcome edition to the village!

Cait said...

wow, shou and crepes..yum..