the good and the bad

"Sasha's sick?" Ian couldn't sit still. He need to go to her. Josh had came by with the news. He wasn't exactly there for the tour of the place.

"You're not going anywhere near that hospital." Shou looked a him. "We'll send flowers."


"Its for your own good." Shou was serious. "I don't want you sick. None of us. Actually."

Josh talked about giving blood for Rhys' predicament. Naturally, Shou gave Ian a look not to do it.

"And how are you really doing, Josh?" Shou looked at him then. "All this sickness and all isn't keeping you completely under the weather, evidently." Ian noticed Josh's hickeys on his neck too.

"What is that about?" Ian then chuckled. "Somebody on the rebound?"

"It was nothing," Josh said.

"You know, he's not with Simon anymore," Ian looked at Shou. "I wonder who it could be? I hope you were careful. You know, didn't let just any Tom, Dick or Harry have their way with you."

"It was Ste, all right." Josh remained even lip.

"Ste?" Ian laughed. "Are you serious. You let that viper have a go at you?"

"He's not a viper, anymore. He's not so-bad. Its not that serious." Josh winced.

"Aw, he likes him." Shou smiled. "Was he good in bed?"

"Look, I don't remember." Josh swelled a frown. "Just shut it, not a word to anyone, will you?"

"No, of course, not," Ian smiled. "I gotta wonder what Simon would think of you."

"He doesn't need to think about me at all, anymore." Josh told them.

Ian shook his head. This was worth marking on the calender as far as he was concerned. Josh and Ste.


colin gray said...

Shou might be a little..I don't know..a control freak with Ian. Hard to say.

cass and cady said...

Maybe Ian should go and see Sasha.

dapper kid said...

Josh and Ste would be an odd couple lol. I think Ian should go and see Sasha as well!

Cait said...

oh..that is fun thought.