a guess or so

Simon had to keep remembering Josh was drunk. Just drunk. But perhaps he was much more jealous than Josh would ever say. Was this all because the baby? Kelsey's baby?

He didn't want to talk to him about it. He was still trying to get used to his eye. The pain. He really did look awful. Clearly, it was something that had never happened in all of his days at school.

Sure, he got bullied with the name calling. Being queer and all, but it was nothing like this. No one thought he was worth punching, he supposed. But this was from the person who was suppose to love him the most. What was going on with Josh?

"What did I do?" He broke the silence. Had to, even if Josh was being all sick on him now. He'd thrown up after they got home and slept most of the day. All the waiting had really made Simon worry more. Suppose he left Josh for good. No need to put up with crap like this. They weren't animals. He was expecting an apology, but he hadn't gotten one.

"Oh, that?" Josh squinted hard, still in bed, death warmed over.

"Yes, that." Simon stood there waiting for Josh to recall something. Instead all he got were several sighs and nothing more.

Simon went downstairs to make himself tea. No way, was he doing anything for Josh. He wouldn't have slept with him except he was tired and Josh was pretty much out of it, and he'd wanted to make sure he was OK.

Simon slammed around in the kitchen for sometime.

"What's wrong?" Newt came down to ask. He was only in his sleep pants and barefooted. He'd came down to get a bottle ready for Liam.

"You don't know?" Simon looked at him and Newt fell back on one foot, looking at the mess on Simon's face.

"That's a bit brutal," Newt winced getting the bottle read.

"Isn't it?"

"There was a fight? And I missed it?" Newt didn't know.


"Kelsy didn't do it, did she?" Newt scowled as he was warming the water for the bottle.

"No." Simon fumed. How could he think that? "Josh."

"Josh? What on earth far?" Newt winced a bit more.

"Perhaps, I'm a bore." Simon remained even lip as he got the kettle on and some bread out to toast.

"You are not." Newt assured him. "He was drunk, wasn't he?"

"I guess. But I didn't like what he said. Something to the effect that I talk to much." Simon hugged himself.

"I'm sure he's sorry." Newt nodded as he had the bottle ready now. And Liam let him know upstairs he was ready for it.

Simon shook his head. He didn't know that for sure.

Sebastian & Anita


Jared said...

Woah. So is Simon gay, but resilient or straight? Some quiet drama, but seems to be a lead up. But then again, I could be wrong.

And, I thought the same thing before you said that. So, just wait.

cass and cady said...

I do feel bad for Simon. Josh can be a little pissy sometime.

simon n josh said...

Simon is well - very gay..except he got drunk on New Years and his so called friend took advantage of him and now is going to have his kid.

sid and violet said...

Josh needs to apologize.

Cait said...

I feel bad for Simon. How could Josh be so cold now.