here and back again

It had been so long to have this warmth in Newt's touch that Billy wasn't going to question it. He felt so happy to wake up next to him, knowing he wanted to fuck as much as he did. Billy looked up at him in the wee morning hours as if it would be their first fifteen minutes before the baby awoke and Billy was just as fierce wanting it as much as he knew Newt wanted to give it.

"We're good, aye." Billy just said wanting to feel Newt as close to him as he could.

"Naturally," Newt whispered in his ear. Billy just smiled as he closed his eyes. How could he have ever doubted him. He hadn't meant too. It felt as if they were diving into their own pool of love and he knew now he could hold his breath longer now. He was stronger. They both were.

And as lost as he was in Newt, Billy had thoughts that Newt was somehow going to make more of his life than he was. It was a dreaded thought. He wanted to be consumed with sex but it lingered in Billy's mind that he could be more than just a bartender and a part-time singer down at the Black Cat. After all, he was a father too. They were a family. They couldn't live with Simon and Josh forever. Could they?

His heart beat raced. It was the best with Newt. It was. But it was more than the fuck'n. More than what anyone would even imagined. It left him with tears in his eyes. He had to do his part too. He couldn't just be a slacker forever, now could he?

"You could do some online classes," Newt reminded him afterwards. Long after when Newt had to get up and tend to Liam and feed him a bottle. It was just the three of them in bed, four in the morning.

"I know." Billy hugged the covers around him. Talking about and doing it were two different things. He gave him a headache to think it. Living every waking moment at the bar as if was, he had so little time left for Newt. Leia too. "I want to." But his head would be filled with numbers. It wouldn't be easy. All that stress.

"I hear accountants have amazing vacations." Newt smirked.

"So." You would need them with all the stress of number crunching. "Maybe I just wasn't meant to be one, ever thought of that?" He snapped suddenly.

"Fine. But think have far you've gotten in college. You need to see it through. It might not be so bad. And, you could perhaps find another field, you know."

"I guess."

"What about the assisted living places. They'd need your help." Newt told him.

"What?" That would be disgusting helping old folks in wheel chairs.

"The financial part?"

"Oh." He hadn't thought of that nor the guts to look into it.

"Something will come, you'll see." Liam had fallen asleep again and Newt put him in his crib.

Billy pulled him again, giving him a long kiss as he touched Newt so, ready for his turn.

First day of school


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