how's that

"We're moving!" Alfie told Amy.

"Are you kidding," she smiled, pushing him away. "Shut up." He looked at her then as if she were the one crazy. "All right, how? Where?"

"Newt and Billy's." He was quite serious.



She lost her smile.

"Don't get too excited now." Alfie sighed. "I thought you'd be happy about that."

"I am." She crossed her arms. She was serious too. "Billy, he's all right with this?"

"I dunno." Alfie stared at her. "What of it."

"He can't stand me."

"Apparently? hmmm, it can't be that bad." Alfie shrugged. "You'll be there for Liam, Leah too, what more could you want?"

"Billy-" She didn't know what she wanted from him, exactly. Not really love, just something.

"Everyone in a family, can not get along, all the time," Alfie told her. "That's you and Billy, you know. But we have each other. We won't have wicked Ste next door. Honestly, we do belong there. We do." He hugged her then. She hoped he was right. She wanted him to right.

"All right." She loved his embrace. Really it was all she needed. At least at the moment.


ellie said...

Perhaps unconventional. But I'm glad its happening.

Cait said...

I hope they'll be happy.

cass and cady said...

This will be great for them.