I know

Amy watched as the boys brought up their things to the bedroom. She still couldn't quite believe they were moving into her parents room. What would her mother think now? It had been ages since she'd talked with her. They were still on the outs and in spite of her not knowing what she'd been through with the coma and even Liam, Amy didn't really want to talk to her. At the moment she was holding Liam up on her shoulder.

"You should call your sis," Alfie said a bit out of breath as he was putting a load of her things in the closet.

"Why?" Amy winced. "She's a stinking lesbo." Just then she noticed Billy there with a box of their stuff. "Sorry." She then said wishing she'd keep her mouth shut.

"So, she's your sister." Alfie looked at her.

"I know, I should. I will when we're settled." That sounded good, didn't it? She thought. She gave a little smile and went to turn Liam around so he could see what they were up too.

"Maybe we'll invite Sarah and Zoe over for dinner." Billy suggested. "A nice family meal. Newt makes a great pasta."

"Wonder if its Mum's recipe?" Alfie the wondered.

"Could be." Billy shrugged. Alfie went downstairs and talk to his brother about it.

Amy saw Billy looking at her. A stiff silence fell. All one could hear in the room was the baby babbling.

"I thought I heard him say da-da other day," Billy then mentioned.

"Right." Amy couldn't believe him. After all, he cooed for the most part. At the moment, Liam was sucking on his fist. "Look, I know what you're thinking, why mess this up for all of you."

"Did I say that?" Billy looked at her as he lifted another box from the bed and unloaded it.

"No, but you think it. I know you don't want me around." She reminded him.

Billy remained even lipped not saying anything for the longest while. Finally, he looked over at her and said, "I know you still love him."


prettyneons said...

Hi hun I just read your comment you left over on my little blog.
I just wanted to say thank you X

prettyneons (:

cass and cady said...

will there be trouble???

Cait said...

sounds like Liam is growing. That was something when Billy said that..and I know it was about Newt.