if you do that

Newt was listening to Alfie's dilemma with Amy while Liam was in his baby back pack on Newt's chest snoozing. Newt couldn't take his eyes off him.

"Are you listening?" Alfie offered Newt some tea at his flat.

"Maybe you should come live with us then. Ask Josh if you could switch places, you know," Newt said out of the blue. Liam held on to his finger so firmly. Newt tried his best not to disturb him.

"What?" Alfie slid his fingers through his shiny dark hair and looked at Newt as if he must have been dreaming. "The two of us living with you and Billy?"

"Why not?" Newt looked at him as if it were possible. "Maybe the flat would bring back some nostalgia for him, even Simon. Josh would be downstairs from Kelsy's, you know. It might save them."

"Brilliant." Alfie smiled. "I'd love it."

"Now, you just have to sell the idea to Amy." Newt shrugged.

"And Billy." Alfie lost his smile.


e.l. said...

I do wonder how Billy will feel about this.

billy and elliot said...

interesting developements.

In-tree-gue said...

lol this is my first time on this blog but i was lead to go back and read the rest so i'd know what was going

Jared said...

New and interesting developments. Quite a bit going on. Nice. I like what's happening with everyone.

The rest is written through chapter 8/9 It's complicated. Just waiting on Em. The 2nd part is a bit confusing(it's coming soon). Comment on what you think about it.