now what

There was a commotion just outside Josh's door. They were having a row out there. Things were being thrown around. It was down right horrifying to Josh. He'd forgotten how it could be. He smiled remembering how scared Simon used to be at the tiniest thing he'd hear out in the hallway.

Josh almost laugh and then it was a sad thought remembering those days when he could find it so easy to find every opportunity possible to get Simon in bed. He sighed then, trying to read his book. As it was he didn't have a tele. It made good time for reading. That is if people could be quiet. Evidently they couldn't. It was getting loud out there.

Just then there was pounding on Josh's door. He really didn't want to check it out. Finally after the third time he said, "Oh dear." And got up slowly hoping it would all be gone before he got there. But when he opened his door there was Ste standing in his red plaid briefs and a load of clothes in his arms.

"What did you did you do this time?" Josh looked at him.

"Kieron and I are over."

"No, bloody fight?" Didn't seem feasible.

"It seems he's getting back together with John Paul." Ste told him.

"Really, but wasn't John Paul and his partner going to adopt a baby in Romania. I thought they had a Canadian connection since they move there?" Josh let Ste come in with his load.

"Guess it fell through," Ste was even lipped.

"Looks to be Kieron is off to Canada." Josh nodded.

"No, John Paul is moving back. Seems they've had quite an e-mail correspondence, which he neglected to tell me."

"That's what the row was about?" Josh stared at him. He wanted to say Not about us. But he didn't. Perhaps Ste had forgot. Which Josh hoped because it was pretty murky to Josh. All he had were the hickeys that we barely there now, to remind him that Ste had been with him.

"Of course." Ste glared back at him.

"Well, find something to put on." Josh encouraged as he went to put on the kettle. "Care for a brew?"

Ste shrugged as he stood there watching. Josh waited to see if he was going to have choose something for him.

"Sorry its over for the two of you." Josh told him after Ste slid into some baggy jeans and a flannel shirt. "Been there myself, actually, just recently."

"Was it a row?" Ste wanted to know.

"Yes. I guess it was." That felt murky to Josh too. He'd never hit Simon before. It felt so odd now. Of course, there was the shame, but was he really that much of an arse?

He got the tea ready then and Ste sat down at the kitchen table as if he'd told him. Josh guessed this was all right. But it felt strange to see him again. And as they had tea, Josh realised Ste must have forgot about the two of them. Perhaps he still had short term memory lost.

"You don't think you'll be going back to Kieron's then?" Would he forget.

"No." He acted as if he'd remember. As if it were a promise. "I'll be here with you."

"Me?" Josh looked at him. "But, but its just a one bedroom, you know."

"So." It meant nothing to him. "You'll take care of me." He nodded with a slight smile.

"Maybe you'd want to be on your own," Josh said. "Yeah?"

"No. I have you." He was serious. It was as if Ste had fallen out of the sky and landed here on his feet.

"But," Josh looked around. "What if it, you know, it doesn't work out."

"It will work out." He sipped his tea then, gave Josh a nod.

Josh looked back at him wondering what the hell he was going to do with Ste.


cass and cady said...

Wow..its really happening. Ste moving in with Josh.

selena st.john said...

good for Josh!!