sharing the list

"So was that about me?" Ste heard Josh on his cell. He was busy unpacking Josh's dishes and putting them away. Josh had really worked on a list for them and if he got his share done then they'd go to the park and kick a football around.

"Kind of, but its nothing." Josh shrugged and went back to putting his clothes away.

"I'm not in trouble?" Ste winced.

"Why would you be in trouble?" Josh looked at him.

"I dunno. I hear its happened, you know. I have quite a record." Ste informed him.

"But do you remember it?"

Ste shook his head, no.

"Well, its behind you, now isn't it?" Josh reasoned.

"I guess." Ste sighed as he went back to the dishes.

"My brother's been in a serious accident. Lot like yours. Dunno what the outcome might be. But see how you've bounced back." Josh smiled.

"Dunno if jumping had a thing to do with it." Ste smiled back and Josh chuckled as he went back to his clothes.

"Finished," Ste said when the last dish was in the cupboard. "Are you done?"

"Shortly." Josh told him. Ste watched and waited. He really wanted to kick the football around.


e.l. said...

I think Josh is sweet with Ste.

Cait said...

Josh might be the best thing for Ste. I hope.

kelsey! said...

thats cute
thanks for the comment :)