slithering through

Just when Amy thought everything was getting better in her life with her family and especially Alfie...she realised Ste lived right across the hall. It was as if a cobra had slithered across her path. Amy thought she might have a melt down.

Of course, he paid her no mind. It was as if he hadn't a clue who she was nor what he'd done to her when he smashed that brick into her head so long ago. Amy found herself hiding in their flat then, wondering when he'd come knocking.

"What is it?" This was a first, according to Alfie. "Never seen you this way."

"Well, you seen my ways," she tried to shake it off with a laugh, but instead he set her down and wanted to know all the terrible things about Ste. She told him everything. She was still scared of him even if he did have a memory loss.

"He should be in jail." She blinked tears.

"I should talk to him." Alfie was ready to do it right this second, but she grabbed his arm and pulled him back to her. She shook her head.

"I'd rather we not start anything. Its best we keep to ourselves. He's come this far. Perhaps he won't notice." She was still shaken at the idea that he might want a cup of sugar, some day.

"I dunno." Alfie didn't like the sound of that. "Suppose we could move."

"Where?" She looked at him blankly. It was amazing they got by like they did. She still hadn't found a job. It wasn't like she knew what to do with her life. Some might say she was in her gap year, but really she didn't know if she'd be anymore than a mother to a gay couple's children. You didn't have to get a degree in that sort of thing.

"Anywhere but here." He kissed away her tears then as if he'd keep her away from anything bad. Soon they were in bed, and she wasn't thinking of Ste's harsh face and his way and the awful life had been with him.

She was with Alfie now. He was her future. She didn't want to think about her past with Ste now. But as she was in Alfie's arms, it came to her that she should really do something with her life.

"Do you think its too late for me?" She then looked over at Alfie who was almost in a dream himself.

"To late for what?"

"You know, the college."

"Don't know til you try." He shrugged. She guessed it was something to look into. She wanted to be as far from Ste as she could be. She knew he wouldn't be in classes, anytime soon.


e.l. said...

Glad to have some Ste in the story..heheeee.

cait said...

I think of slithering too when I think of Ste.

billy and elliot said...

That would be a difficult situation.

Winnie said...

I must have missed this bit about Ste but he sounds awful! At least Amy has Alfie.