something new

Kelsy couldn't get Simon out of her mind even if she was trying to make the most of her time with Colin's son Tristan. She'd shopped for him. Bought him new shoes. New clothes. It was a thrill. And she hoped Colin wouldn't mind. But really, she was smitten with him and those dazzling eyes that were just like Colin's.

Yet, Simon was on her mind. Was Josh like that to him, all the time? She really had to think on it now. Naturally, she'd hate to be the cause of it. After all, it was like she'd stolen that night from him as it was, back on New Years. It wasn't Simon's fault. She'd really needed him. Or something of his. And now that she had it, she felt like a silly miserable cow from time to time. What was the matter with her. Not waiting for love. It came to her. It did. And she'd thought she needed to have her own child in order for someone to love her. What stupid little lass she'd been. Really, she tried not to let it trouble her, but this about Simon got to her.

"I think we should ask Simon to live with us." She went down to the kitchen with Tristan in her arms.

"What?" Colin was in the middle of making pastries. His hands all floured.

"You heard me." She was a bit demanding perhaps. "I can't stand to see Josh hurt him so. He could at least stay with us a while. You know, the baby is almost here and well, he could help. It would help us all if he were here. So he could really get to know his own child, don't you think?"

"What are you asking of me?" He winced.

"You haven't a qualm about him, do you? He's Simon." She squinted back as Tristan wiggle to get to a pastry.

"Yes, he's Simon, but wouldn't we be making matters worse for he and Josh?"

"I doubt it. He needs some time away from him." Kelsy nodded.

"Well, you can try, if you want. I don't think he would." Colin shrugged.

"And if he does?" She looked at him point blank.

"So be it. I can live with it." Colin nodded.

"Good." Kelsy smiled and kissed him on the cheek then.


ellie said...

Just love it when Kelsy takes over.

Anonymous said...

Kelsy is so sweet to Tristan, doing all of those things for him.

cass and cady said...

that'll be something with Simon there.

blue hearts said...

some changes.

Cait said...

This'll be interesting.

FabBlab said...

Kelsy is adorable.
I'm addicted to these posts.