taking note

"Are you all right?" Ian asked Josh over the phone.

"Oh, so you've heard." Josh sounded restless. "Its not like Ste has me hostage or anything, if that's what you're thinking."

"So you're saying he's your boyfriend?" Ian wanted to know if it were true.

"Boyfriend? What?" Josh sounded perturbed now. "Is this what you called about?"

"Of course, not." Ian just needed to come up with a good reason why he actually called. "Any word from Simon?" Ian gritted in a wince. He shouldn't have asked he really shouldn't have.

"Why would he call me? Me, of all people, Ian?" Josh sounded even more indifferent than Ian imagined.

"Well, you know, like he forgot how bitter you've been and what not." Ian cleared his throat.

"He wouldn't forget." Josh sighed. "Look, Ste's- He's no more than a house mate. All right? Does that clear things up for you."

"Absolutely." Ian wasn't sure he completely believed him. "What about the hickeys?"

"Can we not bring that up?"

"Sure." Ian told him. "I was just worried. You know, um, you're a mate. Just wanted to check in. You know."

"Fine," Josh said. "Everything is fine. We're fine."

"Let me know, if there is anything I can do," Ian said. "I just want you to be all right." Ian wasn't sure what more he could say. It just seemed so wrong to him that Ste would be staying with Josh.

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ellie said...

Its good that Ian is worried about Josh.