talk and not talking

"So you had a row," Maxie remembered. He called to check in with Simon and his eye.

"It was a fight." Simon corrected him as he laid on the couch now, avoiding Josh at all cost. They weren't speaking to each other.

"I was there, remember?" Maxie told him.


"He was drunk."

"So." Nothing made Simon feel better. "Kelsy offered me a place to stay at their place for the time being. You know, I'll be there to help with the baby."

"Is that really a good idea?" Maxie sounded restless.

"I can't believe you said that," Simon said. "Yes, its for the best."

"But you two should work it out. Really?"

"I dunno. I'm thinking on it." Simon wanted to stop talking so much about Josh. "How's Caty?"

"Beautiful as ever, its amazing on the beach here." Maxie told him.

"So everything is just dandy, is it?" Simon asked.

"I guess." Maxie told him.

"You guess?" That was odd, thought Simon.

"I said, yes." Maxie corrected.

"No, you didn't." Simon didn't here yes.

"Must we?"

"Christ, Maxie! What is it?" Simon sensed a problem.

"Its nothing, honestly. We are doing great." Maxie told him.

"You're sure?" Simon wanted to believe him.


Simon supposed Maxie wouldn't be talking to him now, either.


aiLee920 said...

nice post you got here.... just doing my daily rounds... take care!!

cass and cady said...

to bad maxie can't be there for simon. I know. bad timing.

ellie said...

could there be trouble in paradise for Maxie?

Meg said...

Maxie doesn't sound too happy...

prettyneons said...

Hi Hi, you alright?(:
I was talking books and blogs today with my friend, and I spread the word about your 100% brilliant writing...my friend is now hooked ha!
Hope you don't mind, well bye for now...
prettyneons x

Cait said...

I do wonder what's up with the both of them.

Sydney said...

soo simon's a bit aggitated?

i hope they can work things out