think about it

Kieron finally felt some sort of peace.

What had he been thinking? Taking on Ste after the accident. All right, it felt right at the time. Honestly, no one else wanted him. And Kieron thought he needed someone too. He'd felt an outcast, here in Hollyoaks, after finally getting out of his service at the church. Half the time, people still thought of him as Father, still at the bar. Naturally, they were drunk old timers so he didn't take them seriously.

And then when he made contact with John Paul after all this time, it felt as if everything had came first circle. How many times were they going to get back together? But something always seemed to be in the way.

He'd missed John Paul so much. And the e-mails and chats online had just made their bond stronger. Really, though, he could hard wait to see John Paul in person. He was so thankful that John Paul was coming back. And if everything worked out, John Paul would be home for good. He'd be making his home with Kieron.

But there was Ste, he had to let go. Maybe it was time the poor boy spread his wings and flew the coop. Evidently, it wasn't very far. He heard him over at Josh's. Actually, he knew about that. There was rumor that Josh had already taken advantage of Ste. Well, if that be the case, he could have him. Wouldn't even quarrel about it. Good riddance.

Kieron got the impression that Ste knew a whole lot more than he let on. He was beginning to think he wanted people to believe he was a nutter. Perhaps he'd stay getting paid not to work. Naturally, it was a meager sum. Who knew, maybe Josh could snap him out of him. Maybe he'd see through Ste and kick him to the curb. No matter, it was no worry to Kieron, anymore. He had better things to think about. John Paul was coming home.


colin gray said...

John Paul coming back. Cool.

maxxie and tony said...

thats so cool.

elliestories said...

I do wonder how it'll be once John Paul is back.

cass and cady said...

I'm glad Ste is with Josh now. I'm eager to see how that plays out.