told you so

Josh went to the hospital as soon as his mother called about Rhys's accident.

"You have to give blood." She informed him. "He's lost a lot of blood." So he went to give as she asked. It wasn't until afterwards that he found out from Jamie about Sasha.

"She took Risa in and she was the one who turned up with the virus." Jamie was taking care of the baby now.

"Seriously?" His mother had neglected to tell him that part of the story.

"I don't think your Mum cares for Sash all that much." Jamie sounded certain.

"Possible. She is very concerned about Rhys. Sounds like he is in a bad way." Josh didn't know what to think.

It was so dreadful. He picked up his cell to call Simon out of habit, but he remembered it would be pointless.

"Did you know, Simon went to Spain to see about Maxie," Jamie said.


"Its Katy, she's missing."

"What?" Josh couldn't quite shake this fear now. All these bad things. Would he be next? He stuck around the hospital as long as he could. But he thought he might drop. It was there on the bus that he saw Ste sitting alone.

"Jesus, Josh! you look like shit." Ste told him.

"Well, I do feel a bit shitty." Josh assured him trying to explain all the things that had happened with Rhys and Sasha too.

"What a terrible thing," Ste said which was so shocking to hear from Ste, who put his arm around Josh then and let him rest his head on his shoulder the rest of the way home.

Next thing Josh knew he was in bed with Ste back at the Black Cat in the flat Josh had once shared with Simon.

Josh shook his head. How could it be? Ste? He had goosebumps now. He pulled the covers around him as he shivered. Supposed he had the virus now. Josh couldn't keep his eyes closed. He was wide awake now and starving, too.

Maybe nothing had happened. But he had to find his clothes. He was nude so was Ste who slept soundly.

He got dressed in the dark and left his place unlocked and stumbled downstairs for some grub.

He sat at the bar, and Colin brought him stew and sour dough bread with a dark lager.

"Ste's gotta a shirt just like that," Colin said.

Josh just looked down at the local footballer shirt. It was purple.

"Must be popular, I guess." Josh barely said as chewed the butter sour dough bread slowly.

"What's this?" Colin grinned.

"What?" Josh winced.

"On your neck?"

Josh wanted to ignore him.

"Looks like someone got lucky," Colin laughed. "Hey, Kieron, you know anyone in these parts who'd leave a hickey quite that large?"

Josh creaked his neck. Kieron was the last person he wanted to see the hickey on his neck.

"Shit," Josh said under his breath. "I forgot something." He took his food and drink upstairs before Kieron could make it over to Colin's side of the bar. Josh left plenty of money on the counter. Enough for a tip too.

"Where you been?" Ste was still in Josh's bed.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Josh winced thinking this was just a murky one off if nothing else.

"Come here." Actually, Ste just wanted his bread dunked in the stew. Ste ate as if he didn't see this as a problem as if he could spend anytime he wanted from now on in Josh's bed.


aiLee920 said...

hello... just doing my daily rounds... just to let you know, i will be less active, because I already have classes again. but i will still open my blog everyday, and maybe see your updates, but leaving a note will be lessened.

selena st.john said...

How do you come up with all this. it's like really really good.

keep writing. the guy, in the picture is really really hot!


cait said...

wow..who would of thunk it would have happened.

cass and cady said...

interesting developement..you would have thought Ste was perhaps a vampire..hehehee.

e.l. said...

Oh..I do like how its moving..so interesting!