verified and factual

"This is serious shit, are you certain of it?" Newt squinted hard, looking at Billy as if it were an early Halloween prank. Josh and Ste. Together.

"Its true. I think Kieron knows." Billy had just got home from the Black Cat. Alfie was with him.

"Has he gone mental?" Newt shook his head, thinking of Josh sleeping with Ste.

"What?" Amy had came in on the tail end of what Billy had said about the rumor of Ste being with Josh.

"Its Josh, he's really rebounding bad," Alfie sighed. "He's gone off the deep end with Ste. It seems."

"Its true." Billy verified. He'd seen them.

"I feel really awful for Kieron. All that time and effort getting Ste back on track." Newt shook his head.

"You would think it, wouldn't you?" Billy rolled his eyes. "He's the devil, I tell you. Ste. A snake to the village. I hate him. Always will." Billy swelled a frown.

"That's something we can agree on." Amy went to put on the kettle. It seemed everyone was ready for a late night. Josh had really done it this time.

"Are you going to call Simon about this?" Alfie asked Newt.

"What good would it do him?" Newt crossed his arms as he sat on the couch ready to lounge. "He's got enough to deal with with Maxie these days."

"Maybe its a good thing he's away." Billy plopped down on the couch and put his arm around Newt.

"Yeah, this would really burn him." Newt nodded.

"Most definitely." Amy shook her head.

"He probably thinks Simon and Maxie are going at it," Billy decided. "That why he did it."

"Please, Simon is a good mate, he's not having a go at Maxie. He's probably devastated right now. Hope we hear some good news soon. Things are looking rather gray." Newt told him.

In a bit Amy brought cups of tea. This thing with Josh was just unsettling to Newt who looked to Billy. He hoped nothing like this would ever happen to them.


e.l. said...

I loved their conversation about Ste & Josh.

elliestories said...

This was good. I think this'll bring Billy & Amy closer as friends.

past the point said...

What a developement.