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Gemma was tired of listening to Kelsy talk about her baby weight gain.

"I feel so fat, I want to be you," Kelsy said.

"Of course, you don't." Gemma sighed. Kelsy was suppose to be teaching her how to make Grand's favorite scones. But Kelsy didn't want to chance eating one. Besides they had Tristan to look after. He was being his playful self. He really liked it when Gemma talked to him.

"So you think you'll have a little one with this Monty of yours?" Kelsy looked Gemma over as if she might be pregnant, already.

"No." Gemma winced. "Why on earth would I want his kid?" Gemma still wasn't sure if she liked his look. Everything really was amazing with Monty. She couldn't think of wanting to even have a photograph with him. She definitely didn't want her mum seeing them together.

"Why not?" Kelsy sounded hurt that she didn't want a child.

"Dunno. Not ready, I guess." She was reading over the recipe in the kitchen now. She was going to get on with the cooking. She'd make a mess and naturally, Kelsy would tell her where she went wrong.

"Hopefully, you won't be plagued with having two at a time. Sort of like a litter." Kelsy told her.

"You mean, like twins?"

"Not necessarily." Kelsy shrugged. "I'm going to have two instead of one. Jamie told me so. I have a double uterus just like me, mum."

"You're not a cow," Gemma scowled.

"I'm in a big way as one, don't you think?" Kelsy laughed.

"Yes." Gemma had to agree. "But, Jamie was probably just pleasing you. I heard things about him, you know."

"Like what?" Kelsy winced.

"He's a wizard or something." Gemma shrugged.

"Who's been telling these tales?" Kelsy wanted to know.

"Around." She shrugged. "He really does have the evil eye. Even Shou thinks it."

"What does he know?" Kelsy was not pleased with this conversation. Gemma went on to mix the flour, eggs and butter for the dough.

"He's very in tune with world, if you must know." Kelsy believe him and would be on his side. Gemma was staying away from Jamie even if he were sort of family. He was just Colin's brother.


Cait said...

Kelsy standing up for Jamie. Sweet. & then the idea that Gemma is just peculair about Monty.

cass and cady said...

To bad, Gemma feels that way about Monty. Yeah, for Kelsy! I guess..but Jamie is strange.

Meg said...

Gemma shouldn't repeat gossip like that when she knows it will upset Kelsy.

past the point said...

wished Gemma was closer to Kelsy.