wishes and truths

Fletch finally figured out why they were in London.

"Its all because of Laleh, isn't it?" He was sure it was a wild goose chase. Nothing had turned her up as it was.

"What of it?" Lauren was being her calloused self. He didn't like it one bit. This was not the Lauren he knew. Laleh seemed to bring the worst out in her, as it was. They were in the pouring rain too. It would have been much better to have avoided these avenues altogether.

"You know, we have a home to go home too." He put his arm around her, wishing he could stop this nonsense of hers. Laleh didn't care what had become of her. "Do you still love her?" He hated to ask, but he needed to know.

"I want some closure. I want to know if it was my fault." She looked up at him as he hugged her close to escape the rain at a nearby pub.

"Its not. You know that, she was a mess. A cold blooded mess. She has no feelings for anyone but herself." He told her the truth.

"But I care about her. What if something happen? Something we don't know." Lauren looked quite sad about talking of Laleh.

"You heard what they said. She's at the Uni." Fletch nodded as they headed into a pub to get away from the cold wet rain. Fletch ordered them something hot with alcohol.

"I suppose." Lauren nodded. "I just wanted to see it for myself, that's all." She gave him an address then. "I think she's here. I've done a little investigating on the Internet and, and-"

"And it maybe nothing, Lauren," Fletch said looking at the address. "Are you ready to accept that?"

She nodded and they drank at the Irish coffee that filled them both up with warmth. He smiled, hoping they didn't find Laleh.


blue hearts said...

I see why Fletch is worried or what not, but still..I hope he's not bad.

e.l. said...

It was a good scene. Glad to see them. Even in the pouring rain.

Meg said...

Ooh! I wonder if they'll find her...