Ste wouldn't look at Kieron for the longest time. He did his work as if he'd been told to do it. It was just easier to avoid Kieron this way.

"Are you getting along with Josh?" Kieron finally cornered him in the back room with all the kegs of lager.

"Yeah." Ste could do this.

"You really like him, don't you?" Kieron said it somehow more like he might be his therapist now instead of an old lover.

Ste just nodded. "You are mad, aren't you?"

"I'm not. Really, I'm OK." Kieron nodded. "I know you never really loved me." He sounded so cold now. "I was lonely. Perhaps I took advantage of the situation. But I needed you just as much as you needed me."

Ste sucked in a breath then and gave Kieron a hard look. "Were you ever afraid of me?"

"Not really." Kieron grinned. "Perhaps your reputation succeeds you. The point is, I really want to feel what love can be. I don't think you've really had it. And maybe its all because you don't know really how to give it. Until now. You are in my thoughts, Ste. I want good things for you. Really, I do."

Ste shuffled on. He almost smiled. What the fuck was Kieron going on about? He wanted to laugh, but the truth was..did he have it in him to show Josh that he loved him.


e.l. said...

I so liked this one. Really, fun conversation.

colin gray said...

Maybe there really is hope for Ste.

Anonymous said...

Good lines in this one.