You've got to press it on you
You just, think it, that's what you do
That's what you do, baby
Hold it down, DARE

Josh caught his sigh as he laid there next to Ste in the warm bed. He was asleep.

What had just happened?

It came on so suddenly and maybe it was sad. But not really. Not how he expected. Why was Ste like this?

They were just going to be friends. But when there is only one bed in a flat, and you're both gay. Well, he should have known it would happen.

This was how it started:

Ste rushes in like he's seen a bank robbery or something. Josh is reading the newspaper. Yes, a real newspaper. Not a blog. Not online. He's got his tea. His big fat glasses. Clark Kent and all. Just minding his own business.

"What is it?" Josh looks at Ste who's out of breath. So intense like he might fall apart or just melt in a puddle on the floor.

"John Paul's back." Ste's words are frantic as if something really bad is about to happen. This is about Kieron, he supposes.

"So." Josh doesn't see it as a big deal, but evidently it is. They have a party planned for him downstairs at the Black Cat. Everyone that's anyone in Hollyoaks will be there. Sisters, friends, the like.

"What am I going to do?" He's so stressed.

Josh gets up to console him. "Relax, will you?" Josh looks him in the eye. He takes Ste by the shoulders. Before Josh can say anything else, Ste is kissing him. Really, having a moment at his lips, his chest. It isn't long until Ste's fingers are creeping into his jeans, find what's almost aroused. It is aroused.

"You want me." Ste squints. "I want you. Please?"

Josh can't help but smile. He's never heard Ste beg. Its kind of funny. Well, it is funny, but Ste's French kisses keep coming. Deeper. Satisfying. A pulse of its own. Inevitable.


cait said...

This was interested the way this happened..and written

ivy's closet said...

maybe they need each other.

e.l. said...

This was cool. I hope it works out for the 2 of them. It just might.