Kieron supposed John Paul had sufficed the homecoming. Naturally, it was hard getting him away from those sisters of his. His mum too.

"Its like you never left." Kieron grinned.

"Things have change." John Paul sighed. "You just don't see it because you are in middle of it."

"Is that what it is?" He was happy to have him in his humble little place. They hadn't even kissed yet. What if it didn't happen? After all said and done.

"I'm just a bartender now," Kieron sighed even if he was actually managing the Black Cat and living rent free in the room about the pub.

"Yeah, its so weird, especially when they still call you Father Kieron down at the bar." John Paul smiled.

"Well, I'm not wearing the collar, now am I?"

"No." John Paul looked him in the eye. He put his fingers around Kieron's face, drew him in. Kieron felt as if he'd finally earned his keep, after all of this. They kissed. Nothing could come between them now. No thoughts of Ste. Just the two of them. And Kieron knew they had a lot of making up to do. But first, he really had to get used to his kiss again. It was so different than he remembered. Perhaps he'd been with Ste, far too long.


e.l. said...

Hopefully, all things will be better for them now.

Cait said...

I wonder how this will work out.

cass and cady said...

Kieron and John Paul..well, hopefully, it'll be fresh.