his own worst enemy

"Ignore us, why don't you?" Simon hugged himself giving Josh a glare.

"Oh, no.."Josh shook his head and looked at Ste then Simon. "No, really, didn't mean too. I just thought-" Before he knew it Simon was introducing him to Benji. So Josh had to do the next civil thing. Introduce Ste. Benji sat right next to Josh.

Simon glared more. Unbelievable, he thought. Benji sitting next to Josh. How could he?

Then there was Ste. Unbelievable. How could Josh have stooped so low? Simon kept his arms crossed. Why the cinema? Of all places. He was about to scream, but bit his tongue instead.

"Are you all right?" Benji looked at Simon who couldn't say a word but seethe a little instead.

"Popcorn?" Josh smiled pushing the bucket their way.

Simon shook his head, no. He never ate popcorn. He was always thrifty when it came to the cinema. No drink, no candy, no popcorn. Just a movie. Naturally, he had to watch Benji eat the popcorn, being all friendly with Josh. What was this, a conspiracy?

Thank God, the previews started. Benji put his arm around Simon. Finally, some comfort. He supposed. But it just didn't feel right having Josh here, especially with Ste.



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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much :) You have a cool blog ! :)

elliestories said...

Simon's gotta suck it up and do the right thing.

e.l. said...

Simon better be careful. Poor Josh.

fan fic said...

awkward moment for sure.