its that time of year

"What do you know, we finally found our pumpkin." Ste was all smiles as he picked up the pumpkin.

"What will you do with that thing, anyway?" Josh asked. They'd found the vendor down at the vegetable market. He paid for the pumpkin.

"While, I'll sleep with it til Christmas." Ste grinned.

"We barely have enough room in that bed for us, think again on that one." They both looked across the street and saw Newt and Leia walking down the street together, sucking on lollipops and wearing wings. Leia's were white cherub wings and Newt's were black.

"Already, trick or treating, are we?" Josh grinned.

"No, just practice. Have to know how to guide these things on our back." Newt told him.

"What are you going to do with that?" Leia looked at Ste.

"Jack-O-Lantern." Ste said rather specifically as if it was a new word he'd learned.

"I like them. They are so cool." She smiled.

"Well, I hope you get lots of treats, Leia. You too Newt." Josh gave Newt a pat on the arm. They were on their way.

"Have a safe one, you two." Newt walked on with Leia then.

"I wonder what she remembers about me?" Ste said as they walked home.

"I'm sure its all good stuff, Ste." Josh grinned. He put his arm Ste. Fall was definitely in the air. It was so ire and yet it made Josh think of how cozy everything was. And he was a part of it.


ellie said...

That was nice of josh. Looks like a great costume with those wings.


Hi, he was really cozy...! ;)

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