the long haul

Ian felt he hadn't slept in days getting ready for the Halloween Bash at the Black Cat.

"We want it to be legendary," Fletch chuckled.

"Is that possible?" Ian shook his head. "We don't need Halloween, to have a banger, now do we?"
"Suppose, you're right. We have our customs." Fletch smiled.

"Yes, and they all invole a good lager." Ian bit a grin.

"It really doesn't have to be a very good one." Fletch nodded.

"I know."

"Then why do we even give a fuck if the music is perfection. Who in the hell will care, we'll all be 3 shades to the wind by midnight." Fletch told him.

"That's when the show starts." Ian went to tune his guitar a bit more.

"Honestly, why do we work so hard?" Fletch followed him.

"Because we want to get our name out there." Ian told him

Fletch just shook his head. Ian sighed and put his guitar down.

"What's Shou doing?" Fletch then wanted to know.

"What's Lauren doing?"

"She's in class," Fletch scowled.

"Well, I'm sure Shou is inventing something, where ever he is." Ian shrugged. "I don't keep an eye on him 24/7, you know."

"Oh really," Fletch just smile. "You know, he's keeping an on you. He doesn't want you near Jamie nor the Oaks for that matter."

"He's not that bad," Ian winced as he went to grab a piece of fruit to eat.

"Yes, he is. What does he have against Maxie?"

"Maxie?" Ian looked at him. He wished Fletch hadn't said his name. He'd been back for days now since his trip to Spain. They hadn't spoken yet. He looked around. Shou was no where in sight. He grabbed a few more cookies in a plastic sack. Now was his chance to go see him.


ellie said...

Glad Ian hasn't forgotten Maxie.


Hi dear, thanks for the comment, come check the new post! I totally love this ^^

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