maybe maybe not

Josh bought them some popcorn and drinks at the cinema.

"I thought there'd be more kiddies." Ste shrugged eating at the popcorn already as they had to find themselves a seat. The lights weren't out yet.

"Actually, its more of a movie for adults to feel like a kid again." Josh nodded as they edged there way to a seat in the theater.

"I see." Ste set down and took the popcorn while Josh found a place for his drink. "Will I like it?"

"Hard to say," Josh winced. "Dunno, if its every-one's cup of tea. We shall see, now won't we."

"Maybe we should find a pumpkin to carve." Ste suggested.

"OK." Josh blinked not sure what the movie had to do with the pumpkin. "Sounds great."

"You know, after the movie, we should check some pumpkins out. "

"It'll be after 11 then. Do you think there will be any pumpkins out?" Josh asked.

"Sorry, suppose not."

"We'll just do it tomorrow then. Its a date. Maybe we need a good old hay ride to the pumpkin patch."

"Carmel apples, too?" Ste looked happy.

"Yeah, Carmel apples too." Josh chuckled, but then he saw Simon and his date. It felt as if everything froze then. He wasn't sure how to exactly do this. Play it as if he didn't see them, or just didn't know them.


cait said...

So awkward, but I like it.

ellie said...

I want to eat you up..I love you so..fav. line in the movie..but it oculd have been 'hug you'..but cw dd actually eat him..so to speak. This should be interesting to see how the Benji and Josh moment goes.

elliestories said...

cool new header..is that a new Billy? hmmmmm..OK. I could get used to him.