maybe so

Billy didn't know quite what to make of Josh and Ste. Their comradery fascinated him. How could it be?

Josh seemed to make Ste quite pleasant. Was that all it had taken? One person to change him. Or could Ste change?

"So you're just mates?" Billy wanted to know as he wiped down the bar at the Black Cat.

"Well, yeah," Josh shrugged. "He needs a good mate."

"Nothing more?" Billy didn't think Josh was the type to have his way with simpletons as Ste.

"I don't think I need anything more." Josh smiled.

"So what you're really telling me, you are holding out on Simon?" Billy couldn't help but smile. "I miss having you two around."

"That's not going to change, Billy." Josh confessed. "We are over, Simon and me."

"How can you say that?"

"I didn't want to hurt him, but what if it had came to that. And I've lost Simon's trust. Which its best he moves on, you know." Josh drank at his Irish coffee. "So how goes it with the new family?"

"Fine, I guess. Wish I knew what to do with me life, you know, Newt seems to have it all summed up. I have to figure out I can do more than bar-tend." Billy told him.

"You have your music." Josh reminded him.

"I suppose." Billy shrugged. "Just wish I was smarter, or something."

"You're just grand, and Newt knows it. Your day will come. You'll see." Josh sounded so hopeful. Billy even thought maybe he could be friends with Ste. Maybe.


ellie said...

josh might be just what ste needs.

elliestories said...

I still feel sad that its over for Josh and Simon.

Cait said...

josh just might be perfect for ste.