mind over matter

When Ian saw Sasha and the baby with Jamie, he didn't think much about it. They were out at the shops getting a few things for Risa.

"I heard you were ill." Ian remembered. "I was worried. Really, you look great now."

Sasha just smiled. He'd hoped to get more from her than that. But he supposed it was that way now. And he was fine with it.

"You haven't met Shou yet, you two should come over sometime for dinner. See what we've done to the old place. After all, we are neighbors." He told her.

"That would be lovely, wouldn't it, luv?" She looked at Jamie. She just couldn't seem to take her eyes off him. It was as if he was magnetizing or something. Especially, to her.

He watched them go, and he felt something clearly wasn't right, but he didn't know what that might be. Actually. It stung him that he didn't know what it could quite be. Everything was so normal. Wasn't it? She was with Jamie. She was suppose to be with him, wasn't she? Well, he couldn't think of anyone else.

Later at home when he found Shou in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies, Ian asked. "You wouldn't mind if Sasha and Jamie come to dinner with their baby, would you?"

"I don't like Jamie." Shou said so matter of fact. "He can twist things."

"We're neighbors. You have to, you know, be cordial, can't you?"

"If I must." He glared at Ian. "But I won't like it." He fed Ian a warm cookie then. Jamie was on neither of their minds then.


e.l. said...

I do like Shou..but sometimes, I wonder if he's too over protective of Ian.

cass and cady said...

hmmm..maybe Shou won't be under Jamie's spell..like everyone else.