not getting the picture

"You really crack me, " Benji told Simon on the way home from the cinema. "You really think I could be best friends with that ex of yours?"

"It seemed so." Simon was being distant, but he was holding hands with Benji as they walked into the pub.

It made Benji chuckle more. They ordered something hot to drink with Irish cream.

"Wouldn't it be best if we all got along?" Benji got their drinks then and found them a place in the corner.

"Yes, of course," Simon winced. "It just isn't possible. I don't want a thing to do with Josh nor Ste."

"So what you are telling me that its you who chooses to dismiss any chances of us, lets say taking in a movie, or a dinner somewhere together, maybe a club with them." Benji played with Simon's hand with his finger tips.

"Why would we?" Simon shook his head, no.

"Because we need to stick together, that's why." Benji gave him a concerned look.

"Why? Because we're all gay?" Simon glared back.

"God, make us all sound like a pack of werewolves, why don't you?" Benji pulled his fingers back through his hair.

"Its just..not easy, any of it. " Simon wouldn't smile.

"Of course, it isn't, thats why we need to make an effort. Josh needs to feel accepted, again."

"How can he? You saw what he was with, that fucking prick." Simon told him.

"That's a little harsh, now isn't it? Have you even gotten to know him after his accident? Have any of you? Think of your other friends? Have they let him in, you know, dinners and such?" Benji sighed. "No, none of them. You have to give him a chance. All right?"

"I dunno." Simon shook his head. Benji hoped a good snog on a cold autumn night might help. At least, it would take this Ste stuff off their mind. Benji's lips pressed against Simon's as his hand near the warmth under his jacket. Benji just smiled as Simon breathed him in.


ellie said...

Oh Simon..just keep up the kissing.

cass and cady said...

Benji will make it all better. Ha!


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