off into the night

Simon felt certain he could spend all his time with Benji and be in complete bliss. Of course, this gave him a slight sad feeling as well. He remembered how it was when he and Josh first met. All those first together. He could hardly get enough of Josh then.

He hoped he wouldn't stiffle Benji.

"I don't mean to keep you all to myself." Simon told him. "We should go out. You know. Even a walk would do us good."

"When's the last time you've been to the cinema?" Benji poured them some red wine and they chilling on the couch in Benji's room at The Oaks.

"Couldn't say, really. What do you have in mind?" Simon looked so serious.

"Lets just go and see what we can catch." Benji laughed. He drank his wine and got their coats. "Come on, it'll be a surprise." He smiled at Simon who just looked at him blankly. This was not the way Simon did things. He planned every single thing out in his planner.

"Oh, come on." Benji grabbed Simon's hand. "Lets see where the night takes us."


e.l. said...

I like Benji's free spirit.

cass and cady said...

I'm glad he's happy. He needs to enjoy it more.