on holiday

Simon supposed he was stuck with Benji. It was a little odd. He guessed. He felt as if he were put on the spot, some how. He understood why, but still, he really wasn't much good with these occasion.

"Have a drink then?" Benji got the local favorite. It was more than a wine, a very potent brandy.

"This could get me in trouble," Simon said after one little glass.

"Could it?" Benji just grinned.

"Oh, you don't want to know." Simon shook his head.

"But I do." Benji promised. Naturally, Simon had to spill everything about Josh. Even Kelsey expecting his baby, married to another.

"That's been quite a year." Benji thought they should toast for better times.

"And you? How's your year doing?"

"Not bad," Benji looked at him so slyly. "I have money in the bank. Enough for a good long holiday."

"I don't think I know what a holiday is, anymore." Simon sighed.

"I suppose I'll just have to show you," Benji got off his stool then, leaned into Simon. Before he knew it they were kissing. Simon felt himself waver, maybe it was true. He hadn't felt quite on holiday until now.


Ailee Verzosa said...

hello there!
just dropping by to view your post....
take care,, this one is interesting though!

e.l. said...

simon n benji...looks so interesting them as a couple, perhaps.