plans and possibilities

Alfie couldn't wait to show off Amy's drawings to Ian and Shou, who were in the Black Cat going over some stuff for the Halloween party coming up in the basement. He brought Amy's sketchbook along.

"Nice." Ian told him.

"Let me see it?" Shou took a good long look. "We could use her talents on some upcoming work on our CDs."

"Really?" Alfie hadn't had that in mind, but it sounded splendid. "You'd hire her?"

"Absolutely." Shou grinned. "Maybe she could do us. I mean, you know. Sketching." Shou shrugged.

"Seriously," Alfie grinned more. "You mean it?"

"I mean it." Shou nodded.

"I can't wait to tell her." Alfie was all smiles.

"Go ahead." Shou told him. They got back to the venue for the party. They were trying to schedule local bands for the Halloween bash. It looked like those two were planning an all nighter.


what we needed said...

great for amy.

elliestories said...

I'm so glad Amy is good at something.