Kelsy was doing her best to coax it out of Simon, but he wasn't budging.

"I think there's someone," Kelsy whispered in to Colin's ear who was finally making himself at home after dinner. Simon was off in the kitchen doing the dishes, humming a tune.

"Like, a ghost?" He teased. They were cuddling on the couch.

"No, silly, a fella. Simon's got a bloke." She smiled so sweetly.

"And how would you know? Did you read his tea leaves, dear wife?" He kissed her cheek then.

"The tune he's humming in his head. He seems different, somehow." She looked away as if she was serious about this romance stuff.

"Then I shall ask him." He smiled.

"No, don't." She gave him a playful pat.

"Simon?" Colin called for him. "How was your trip?"

"Well, you know, we have Katy back," Simon said coming to the kitchen doorway. "All is well."

"And that's it? Did you meet anyone?" Colin wanted to know.

"Possibly." Simon gave them a slight smile.

"See," Colin looked at Kelsy. "Simon possibly met someone." They both chuckled then.

"He better let us meet him." Kelsy called to Simon.

"I'll think about it," Simon said.


e.l. said...

I hope she'll approve.

elliestories said...

Its good they care so about Simon.

Cait said...

that was cute.

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad they are thinking of simon.

Liya said...

intriguing blog!


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Hope we find out more about Simon and Benji.