say it ain't so

Newt finally tested out to be a nurse's assistant. Luckily, he had Franny to guide him around the hospital. It was a bit tedious yet rewarding. He liked Franny's demeaner with the patientes. And she knew them like a book. Which ones were cranky. Who wouldn't take their medicine. She was a bit funny, sometimes. She made Newt smile. Really, she was a wonderful mentor.

At the end she went to check on Rhys. Of course, there was no change.

"Isn't that Sasha's husband?" Newt asked.

"Don't be silly." Franny got a chuckle. "Sasha didn't marry Rhys."

"Then who did?" Newt was confused.

"Jamie." Franny sounded so certain. "And they have a baby girl."

"Really?" Newt guessed he believed her. But what if she was so tired, she didn't really know herself. It had been a rather grueling day. "I don't remember." The thought was fading fast.

"Talk about someone who won't remember." Franny sighed, looking at Rhys. "It might take forever for Rhys to get back to normal."

"I-" He wanted to say friend, but he wasn't. "Josh's flatmate was in an accident, as well. He's rather normal now. I think. Hard to say. He didn't talk for the longest time."

"It can come back quickly. There was a patient, I remember. She was in a motor cycle accident. The first few months she could barely speak. Had no long term memory. Really, no short term either. And its amazing. She's walking. Talking now. A full recovery. It can happen." Franny told him.

Newt looked at Rhys who was stuck with tubes and such. Monitoring every pulse. He looked so vulernable. Didn't he have a wife and child somewhere?


Meg said...

I hope Rhys recovers!

ivy's closet said...

How's it going to be for rhys when he wakes up and everyone has forgotten he was married to Sasha..and their baby?????

fan fic said...

so interesting.

e.l. said...

great for Newt. I hope Rhys will be ok.

Cait said...

Wow..it is peculair how they can't rememember Sash being married to Rhys..but now she's married to Jamie.

Very sad about Rhys. Of course.