trick or treat

Amy woke up early just to take her test. It turned blue. She sat on the bathroom floor in misery. How could this be? Breastfeeding hadn't kept it at bay. A babe on the way come early summer. She was in tears.

"What is it?" Alfie found her and set down next to her. She handed him the stick.

"I'll be breast feeding til I'm 42 at this rate." She was sad.

"Come on, not like it was a one off while you were away at camp," Alfie squinted. "Its our daily function, sometimes, twice you know, it was bound to happen."

She just nodded.

While Amy was coming to terms with her new found news, Kelsy was getting used to labor pains.

"Don't you think we should be off to the hospital?" Colin had everything at hand that she might need.

"But I can't go til Simon arrives, now can I?" Her back was fierce with pain. Just then her water broke at the stairwell of the Black Cat putting quite a water fall for all to see who might have a drink at nine in the morning.

"I think we'll be off now," Colin said and did his best to get her down the stairs and on their way.

Maxie and Ian were first to see the water land at the bottom of the steps.

"That was unusual," Ian looked at the mess wide eyed.

"Now was it?" Maxie grinned. "She's having a baby, you know."

"I know." Ian sighed.

"Why so sad?" Maxie sipped his coffee.

"I want one of my own," Ian said. "But you know, can't ever see it happening."

"Why not?" Maxie winced. "Find yourself a lass. I think you might even know the procedure." Maxie chuckled. Ian just shook his head.

A wind was stirring. A cold front perhaps. But a cold rain was coming as the clouds moved in and Billy had decided that morning when he got up that they'd have a civil union.

"Have you lost the plot." Newt squinted as he watched Billy dress.

"Tonight's the night. I scheduled us an appointment. Its not that big of deal. There's a place by the gay club in Chester." Billy shrugged.

Newt didn't quite believe him, but he got ready. He guess he'd have to have more faith in Billy.

By late afternoon, Alfie had found the perfect engagement ring for Amy. He was off to propose to her. This time, he was sure they'd be married before a baby arrived. And just before the rain started there was a baby boy's cry heard through out the hospital ward. Sid had arrived and Simon was there to greet him. Then Colin fainted when the nurse told him that Kelsy had another baby waiting to be born, but it wouldn't be today.

Finally the Black Cat Halloween bash started and Billy got away early.

"You brought the wings?" Billy asked Newt when he met up with him in the fright of the night. They were married in their black wings. The woman at the wedding place said no one had ever been married in black wings before. It sounded so important to the both of them. Of course, it was possibly not a real marriage, but it was just as good to the both of them to say I do. She had to take a picture for show. They were the last to get married that night.


elliestories said...

wow..lots happening on Halloween there. Great!

e.l. said...

Glad Kelsy's baby is here. Wow. Billy & Newt getting married. & Amy having Alfie's baby. Cool.


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