what other reason

"What is this?" Josh asked. There was a warm meat pie waiting on the kitchen table.

"Dinner." Ste told him from the kitchen.

"Where's it from?"

"I didn't steal it." Ste promised.

"I didn't say you did." There was laughter in Josh's voice as Ste set out the bottles of beer.

"Col had one left over from lunch. He said I could have it if I shared it with you." Ste sat down as Josh cut into and dished him out a bowl full and then for himself.

"Well, someone is looking out for us, now aren't they?" Josh smiled.

"I guess." Ste was more quiet than usual.

"Are you up for the cinema?" Josh wondered.

"Don't you want to stay in?" Ste slightly pouted.

"We need to get out more. Can't hide away, now can we?" Josh was serious.

"Guess not, what do you have in mind?" He took in a mouth full of meat and veggies then.

"Where the wild things are," Josh sighed. "I've seen your copy."

Ste couldn't help but smile. Josh knew he loved the book. He'd bring it out everytime Josh would tell him it was time to read.


past the point said...

cool a movie sounds great.

e.l. said...

That sounds so sweet.