where the wind blows

Had Newt heard Billy correctly? All he could do was to give the poor bloke a wince while he was peeling potatoes for supper.

"I'm stuck." Billy repeated.

"Really? How's that? You look perfectly fit to me, you know." Newt gave him a sly smile.

"No, its me future, no? Do I even have one?" Billy winced. He was heating up the skillet. It was their turn to do the cooking.

"Yes, most definitely."

"At the Black Cat? Are you fuck'n with me." Billy squinted.

"Only in the bedroom." Newt chuckled. "What are you in an uproar about? You planning to go back to the Uni, your gap year over?"

"Honestly, Newt, you're no help."

"Oh, and you were loads for me about deciding my life, now were you?" Newt looked at him. "I don't want you fretting, say'n its, all my fault what became of you."

"I have to do something, now don't I? You leaving me a shame to be with." Billy's eyes lit.

"Am I?" Newt wince. "Are we arguing love? Really, its not up to me, to tell you what to do. I'm fine with you, the way you are." Newt put down the potato then. "It all has to be a passion. Don't you have one?"

"I dunno, anymore." Billy looked sadly at Newt.


past the point said...

poor billy!

give me a reason said...

I hope Billy will decide something...for a better future.

dylan said...

He just needs to find a plan to better himself. easier said than done.