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"Why can't you talk to her?" Fletch wanted to know, but Lauren wasn't in the mood to talk about Gemma now. She had other things on her mind. Like Laleh.

"Gemma is rather shallow. Maybe its a good thing they ended it when they did. She and Monty." Lauren hugged herself as she looked at Fletch, wondering just how deep she was in with him. They got along so perfectly. And he wasn't just her best mate, but lover too. And then to get this notion that she'd gotten a tip from someone on the Internet that they knew exactly where Laleh might be. It was so hard to leave alone. She wanted to. Expecting it to be nothing, but what if it was something? What if she did find Laleh?

"I can't believe you said that?" Fletched winced. "We all live here. And its just not the same, Monty is so depressed. It scares me."

"Why?" Lauren didn't understand. They weren't that close. Fletch spent all his time with her. Monty was always with Gemma. Maybe that was it. They were too close. "Stop worrying, will you? He'll snap out of it."

"Perhaps." Fletch hated the thought of Monty getting worse. "Its something else on your mind?"

"No." She looked at him as if, perhaps he was the one with something on his mind. She kissed him then as if it would be a quick fix. But then she saw, one little kiss would not do. She Frenched him then, but he pulled away. Evidently, sex in the middle of the day wasn't what he wanted. Didn't that always fix him?

He glared at her as if she was just being selfish now.

"I'm going to talk to Gemma." He told her.

"If you must. It won't do any good. She's made up her mind." Lauren was certain of it, but he grabbed his coat, anyway. She watched him leave. She looked at her watch then. Perhaps she could catch the train to London. Perhaps she could find Laleh after all, but if she did, then what?


fan fic said...

I'm glad to see Lauren around.

e.l. said...

Fletch and Lauren...how long will they last???

cass and cady said...

I hope they are getting along OK. One break up is enough.