come a knocking

"I don't know what to do with myself." Gemma said. She was at Fletch's door. She looked down the hall. Fletch did too. Monty had his door closed.

"Why did you come?"

"I told you." She whispered as she slipped into his room. She kissed him longingly as if she'd missed him terribly.

He just looked at her and said nothing. Gemma pulled at his belt loops and lead him toward the bed. She undid his belt then and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled him more toward her as she kissed him letting him know that she wanted him. Now.

"Are you sure?" He took a breath. "Right here, right now?"

"You won't miss Lauren so much," she smiled. "I won't miss Monty."

Fletch put his index finger on her lips and she almost giggled. His eyes lit. He shook his head, no. She was getting him out of his shirt. Her hands slid down his abs, knowing exactly what she was looking for. He was in her hands now. It was a bit of a shock. Though, he knew he should have expected it as she stroked his penis.

When he kissed her again, he swore she was Kelsey. It was as if she were her twin. Soon she had him right where she wanted him. In bed, and she had him all to herself.

He felt as if he were in a lull of some kind. He was sad, but happy to see her. Perhaps too happy.


e.l. said...

Oh, my..things are really heating up!

Cait said...

WOW..that Gemma means business.