a course of its own

"Where you been?" Ian saw Gemma at the shops. It was just an accident that he bumped into her by the magazines.

"I'm staying with Kelsy." She was tight lipped and sour as usual.

"Really? Isn't it a rather full house?" He winced.

"So." She hugged herself as if she didn't care.

"Did you have a falling out of some kind with Monty?" Ian wondered.

"What of it?" She shrugged.

"So what happened?" He grabbed her by the arm hoping they could talk.

"I don't want to talk about it." She winced. "I'm not in love with him, all right?"

Ian nodded as if he understood.

"But what would you know about that?" She swelled up a small frown. "You're so smitten by Shou. You see nothing else around you."

"Don't say that." Ian knew she just wanted to make him feel bad. "You know, Gemma, you have no idea when you are happy, now do you?"

"Maybe." She shrugged.

"Monty is upset. He won't eat. I doubt he even sleeps. He misses you." Ian told her.

"Good." She fumed.

"You're as immature as you ever were." Ian shook his head. It was useless to talk to her.


ellie said...

ian & gemma...could happen.

elliestories said...

over with Monty already.