hell to pay

"Jesus! Fletch! Are you out of your head?" Billy winced. Suddenly, they were best mates. Or so it seemed. "That's not how you fix it!" Billy's eyes lit.

Fletch was back at the pub. Billy was doing his regular duties as bartender and listener. It was a fuck'n guilt trip as far as he was concerned.

"You have to break it off, you know." Billy informed him.

"I know, its not that serious." Fletch flinched slightly.

"Its fuck'n serious! Mate!" Billy found himself practically screaming at the bloke about his transgressions.

"Don't make it more than it was," Fletch frowned.

"Because it is, you fool!" Billy slapped him across the side of his forehead with the damp rag he had. He just stared at Fletch. "Maybe you just as well be a druggie, aye?"

"Don't say that." Fletch gritted.

"Well?" Billy squinted.

"I dunno." Fletch rubbed the burn that Billy gave him.

"You know, Newt wants to go after Lauren. She's in London, you know, a lead about that Laleh." Billy informed him.

"Laleh?" Fletch made it look like there was a very bad taste in his mouth.

"Snap out of it, you wanker." Billy glared at him. "If you love this lass of yours so much, then you be after her."

"Maybe its her." Fletch swelled a frown as tears came to his eyes.

"What are ya gonna do?" Billy questioned.

"Dunno." He fretted.

"Keep your wanker to yourself, aye. It could mean bad news. Got it!" Billy watched Fletch get up from the barstool as if he had to do something. A place to go.

Fletch just nodded as if he understood.

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Jules said...

whoa! heated argument. :D