Amy hated to see her sister so helpless there in the hospital bed.

Of course, the nurses said it was no where the injuries as what to had happened to Josh's brother Rhys' months ago.

"He's a bit of a nutter, if you don't mind me saying." The older nurse admitted. Amy looked at her as if the nurse might have been the nutter. She heard Franny then speak up on Rhys defense.

"Don't talk about the patients that way," Franny winced. But she smiled at Amy, assured her that Sarah was in the best care.

"I doubt she'd care I was here, as it it." Amy remained sullen.

"Nonsense, you'd want her to be here for you if you were in her condition, I'm certain." Franny gave Amy a pat on the back. Amy just shrugged.

"Do you have mates to sit with you during this time?" Franny asked.

"Well, Newt is around. My finacee has to work. I doubt Billy, if I could call him even a mate, knows I have a sister that exist."

"What of your girlfriends?" Franny looked at her out of concern.

"What girlfriends?" Amy hadn't spoken to Sasha nor any of the others in so long, she highly doubt they knew she was even back in the village and pregnant, yet again.

"Could I call someone for you?" Franny offered.

Amy shook her head, no.

"Well, I'll sit with you then." Franny smiled.

"But don't you have Rhys to worry over?" Amy winced.

"I'm afraid he's a little lost at the moment. There is only so much I can do. He misses Beth so much."

"That's his sister!" Amy squinted. "And she died in a horrible accident."

"Well, he remembers her." Franny sighed. "And not me. And, well, this could be a good thing."

"You think?"

"Yeah." Franny almost smiled. "Just as well he forget about me."

"I used to think the same about Sarah, but now, I dunno what to do with myself. I miss her. I want my sister. I want things to be better between us." Amy had tears in her eyes. Franny gave her a shoulder to cry on.


elliestories said...

I'm glad Franny is there for her.

Meg said...

Franny is so supportive!