high tea

"I could make you a brew." Gemma was cordial enough. She couldn't think of why on earth why Fletch was here. It wasn't that she was completely fond of him. Yet, he'd been in her circle for so long, it was kind of nice that someone at least missed her at Shou's.

They were alone. Kelsey and Colin had gone shopping with Simon and Benji. It was their first outing with the baby. Honestly, it was quite nice to have the flat all to herself. And now she had company.

"I'm not bothering you, am I?" Fletch seemed so concerned. He looked around the place of all the pictures of Kelsy and Colin.

"No, I haven't quite decided what to do with myself lately, and with Kelsy's baby, well, Sid's everyone priority these days." She told him as she got the tea ready.

"Its peculiar being here." He shrugged. "Don't guess Kelsy ever mentioned me."

Gemma shook her head, no.

"Figures. I guess I am rather forgettable." He smiled.

Gemma smiled, noticing Fletch was really quite interesting, sweet, in fact. Sort of a little boy, all grown up.

"I doubt that Fletch." She poured their tea then and had biscuits too. They sat down as if the tea party was official. Fletch bit into a biscuit, and she watched it crumble down his shirt. He noticed that she was watching him. He almost choked on his biscuit.

"Shou has a thing for waffles now. Chocolate. Strawberries. Lots of whip cream." Fletch shrugged.

"He likes to keep me fat. Best I stay away." She was sullen.

"Actually, he's trying to get Monty to eat. He just doesn't want to do much of anything of late." Fletch told her.

Gemma stirred a bit of bourbon and lemon in her tea. She even slipped a little in Fletch's tea too. She took a sip as if she could care less what Shou might be doing. She stared at Fletch intently as if she had something in mind, but she said nothing.

After-while, he just stared at the tea. Finally taking a drink.

She slightly smiled, as if he knew exactly what she wanted. Company. In a matter of minutes, he came to her. When they kissed, it was sweet and she didn't feel sad at all in his arms. There was a rush of excitement as she felt his smile on her face. So new and different for a sunny afternoon, especially in her room.

So much to learn from him with his touch, his tongue, his scent. She couldn't get enough. And when he fingered her, she knew she wanted him to stay. Funny, how one small thing lead to another, soon it felt as if they were drinking each other up. High tea suddenly had a new meaning to Gemma.

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