just as well

Of course, Ste didn't win the show. But Rupert was pleased he'd made an effort.

"You should win something for being the youngest." Rupert laughed afterwards.

"You'd win hands down every-time, you know that don't you?" Ste was serious.

"Are you coming on to me?" Rupert laughed. "No, really, its not for me. I wouldn't want to win. Its great, everyone having their purpose. Of course, a few cat fights here and there, but really its like being at the theater. Just as much drama."

"Seriously?" Ste winced. "Why aren't you there?"

"Never appealed to me. I like making up fabulous queens. I don't want to be one." Rupert told him.

"Are you busy?" Ste was curious.

"God, no." Rupert shook his head.

"Then come with Josh and me for a drink at the Black Cat?" Ste asked.

"Sure." Rupert just smiled and followed him.

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ellie said...

ste may have a crush on someone.